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A Japanese Redneck House

A Japanese Redneck House
Illustrated by Redneck Hiro

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Japanese Redneck Juice Stand

The Japanese Redneck Juice Stand

We lived right outside of Cypress Gardens in our own house. Free rent.

Good thing we live in orange grove – which is Cypress Gardens owned.

All my kids stick plastic sucker into orange, squeeze orange juice one after another. They pick anything they want. That is redneck juice stand – free.

Hiroshi don’t know how to suck in orange juice. Midori or Sayoko help him.

They get enough vitamin C. Never miss school – which was important. We were so poor – no medical insurance.

A Japanese Redneck Tree House

A Japanese Redneck Tree House

When we lived in Cypress Gardens, all my kids – nothing to do.

Almost every day watching water ski show.

I made for them tree house, but too high. Only kids not scared of heights Sayoko. Midori, Yuri watching from ground, but two years old Hiroshi try to climb up. Sayoko watching.

Then, Mom scream “DON’T GO UP!”

Hiroshi looks back. He was almost top of sixteen foot ladder.. He freezed. Can’t go up. Can’t come down.

I came home and saved him. Otherwise, he may not ever become sushi chef.